Пособие по Безработице

Пособие по Безработице

A person is considered unemployed who is out of work, looking for a job and ready to start work. In order to avail unemployment benefits, he/she must register with the employment service in order to find a proper job.

The following groups of citizens are recognized employed:

  • working under an employment contract;
  • self-employed;
  • elected to the paid position;
  • serving in the army, law enforcement and special state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Social benefits in the event of loss of work is assigned from the date of registration as unemployed. It is calculated through a complex formula, included average monthly income, income replacement rates and length of service providing covered period rate. Unemployment benefits are paid for one to six months. The covered period rate is 0.7 for six to eleven months of coverage and 1 for sixty or more months of coverage.

In 2018, it is planned to reform targeted social assistance to low-income families. Unconditional financial assistance will be provided to families, whose members, due to objective circumstances, do not have the opportunity to work. Each family member may get such social assistance in the amount of 60% of the subsistence minimum.

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