Труд Несовершеннолетних

Минимальный Возраст для Трудоустройства

As a rule, the minimum age to enter into employment is 16 years. The school leaving age is 17 years in Kazakhstan. The Constitution provides for compulsory secondary education. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions:

  • citizens, who have reached fifteen years, in the cases they receive basic secondary, general secondary education in the organization of secondary education;
  • pupils, who have reached the age of fourteen, for working in their free time, if it is not harmful for health and learning;
  • persons under the age of fourteen for doing creative work (cinema, theatres, etc.), if it is not harmful for health, moral development and learning.

In that three cases, together with a minor, labor contract must be signed by one of his parents, guardian, trustee or adoptive parent.

Sources: §30 of the Constitution; §31 of the Labour Code 

Минимальный Возраст Допуска к Вредному Производству

Law prohibits the employment of minors to work injurious for health. The minimum age for hazardous work is 18 years. That is why, second job, work with material liability or summary recording of working time, overtime and night work are prohibited for persons under age of 18.

Work which is detrimental to moral development of minors is prohibited (gambling, work in nightclubs, production, transportation and sale of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, psychotropic substance, precursors).

Moreover, it is not allowed for workers under the age of eighteen years to carry or move  weights under the limits laid down by the Order of the Minister of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Sources: §26, 75-77 of the Labour Code; Order of the Minister of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan 08.12.2015 № 944